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Construction – structural wood

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Construction - structural wood

Construction – structural, calibrated and graduated timber.

Construction – structural timber made of fir or pine: lumber, rafters, beams, lots, boards and so on. For rafters and beams fir wood is usually used, which has a small branch, flexure-resistant, can withstand higher loads. Pine tree has large branches, so it is less resistant to flexure and fracture. We also make non-standard dimension and quality timber for fences.

Upon request, the timber can be dried, shaved, impregnated (brown or green). Dried, calibrated, graduated timber is commonly used for carcass and prefabricated houses and roofing.

Calibrated timber is dried at 16-18%, with all the strength and resistance standards, and graduated C16 and C24.

The products are made from wood that is certified, and growing in the forests located in European Union (Latvia, Estonia, Sweden). Also, part of the raw materials is imported from Russia.


Sawn timber

Sawn timber is cut from pine or firry logs. Sawn timber, depending on its processing, is divided into single and double sawn wood.

Single sawing wood – made of the two side sawn wood products, the other two sides are uncut, with bark. Single sawing wood is used for temporary buildings, structures, shuttering production.

Double sawn wood – is made of all four sides sawn wood products – boards, beams, rafters, merlots, strings.

Double sawn wood is versatile and easily susceptible for further processing, from this wood buildings are mounted; roof is constructed; fences, sub ceilings and subfloors are made.