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Wholesale trade in timber and building finishing products

About us

UAB “Baltic Timber Company’s” main activity is wholesale wood trade for industry, construction, and export of these products to the European markets. “Baltic Timber Company” is a wood import-export company manufacturing products from Siberian larch as it’s main product but also are able to offer spruce and pine. Our company imports the main raw material of wood from the Russian Federation (Siberia) and the Baltic countries.


When you have your own house, often you want to have cozy outdoor terraces too, which could allow enjoying the warm summer evenings or early morning cup of coffee. Out…

In order to give the building more appearance or to add more naturalness, it is possible to cover the facade by emphasizing materials. Wooden planks – the oldest types…

Construction – structural timber made of fir or pine: lumber, rafters, beams, lots, boards and so on. For rafters and beams fir wood is usually used, which has a small…

Why is it worth to choose wood?

Wood is a renewable resource. It is produced from forests managed responsibly. The tree is a plant that served a human for thousands of years. This is one of the most likable and most reliable materials. Wood is a reliable organic material that is environmentally friendly.