• Wholesale trade in timber
    and building finishing
About us

UAB "Baltic Timber Company"– the main activity is wholesale wood trade for industry, construction and export of these products to the European markets. UAB "Baltic Timber Company" is wood import-export company, as well as manufacturing products from spruce, pine and Siberian larch. Our company import the main raw material of the wood from the Russian Federation (Siberia) and the Baltic countries.


When you have your own house, often you want to have cozy outdoor terraces too, which could allow enjoying the warm summer evenings or early morning cup of coffee. Out...
In order to give the building more appearance or to add more naturalness, it is possible to cover the facade by emphasizing materials. Wooden planks - the oldest types...
Construction - structural timber made of fir or pine: lumber, rafters, beams, lots, boards and so on. For rafters and beams fir wood is usually used, which has a small...
Wood pellet production does not use any additives; it is 100% natural fuel. Our sold pellets - high quality, certified, with high intense heat, they are of the long bu...
Why is it worth to choose wood?

Wood is a renewable resource. It is produced from responsibly managed forests. The tree is a plant that served man for thousands of years. This is one of the most favorite and most reliable materials for human. Wood is an organic material which is environmentally friendly. Wood is a reliable material.

The boards that are made of high quality wood are reliable and relatively inexpensive. Wood structures are suitable for the home environment. It is also good to know that your home, just as our ancestors, are made from real, quality wooden structure. Wood is still an irreplaceable material. This is confirmed by many people that have purchased the more expensive wooden furniture and wooden floors. It serves not only as a material which performs its main function. The tree brings your home to life.

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