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In order to give the building more appearance or to add more naturalness, it is possible to cover the facade by emphasizing materials. Wooden planks - the oldest types of planks, which is considered to be a serious alternative for the facade today as well. Wooden planks - from dried wood, produced in various profiles and dimensions for the exterior walls of buildings, shelters, internal walls, ceiling decorations. For this purpose the timber has been put into use even in ancient times in order to make cold stonewalls more cozy, warmer. However, even today the wood is highly valued material for home decoration because of its qualities - naturalness, durability, and possibilities to renew its surface.

Outdoor paneling

Outdoor wooden planks - it is an opportunity to update or completely change the look of the building with minimal effort. Therefore, outdoor wooden paneling remains unfading popular choice. We recommend fir boards, whereas, due to the cell structure, the tree sucks up less moisture than pine and thus less deforms. Outdoor wooden planks are used for external walls of buildings, shelters decoration or as an outdoor decoration design elements. We have different profiles, plates, so everyone will find a proper panel for realization of individual ideas. For clients, depending on the profile, we can offer flat-planed or rough surface plates. In addition, the back of the product has longitudinal ring cuttings. They reduce shrinkage caused by internal stresses of the wood.

Interior paneling

From old times frequently preferred material for interior decorations is wood, and in the present, wood paneling became even more popular - they are used for walls, ceilings, as well as decorating attics, because it is the most natural material! Not only it is environmentally friendly, but also creates a pleasant environment and warmth, as well as regulates the humidity in the room. Wooden home panels are of high quality, as pine and spruce timber first is carefully selected and then processed in sawmills. Both outdoor and home panelings are reliable and meet all the quality standards of the AB. The panels have excellent aesthetic appearance, and are durable as any resin, branch holes, bluishness or insect-made holes are prohibited.

You can choose the internal wood paneling from northern fir or pine. All panels are planned, in addition, the back of the products has longitudinal cuts. They reduce deformation due to internal stresses in the wood.

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